Guide to choose your first butt plug

One of the variations of the dildo is butt plug, designed for practicing butt sex and perfect sex toy among pregnant women. In size, butt plugs for beginners are slightly smaller than the usual dildo and have a thickening at the base, which is dictated by security objectives.

Application of butt plug

The versatility of the butt plug allows it to be used for sexual pleasures for both men and women. It can also be used for relaxation and stimulation before butt sex. It is necessary to use the butt plug together with a special lubricant. This is necessary because in the rectum there is no natural lubricant that is present in the vagina. Experienced sexologists recommend the use of silicone-based lubricants, because they provide a long slip, and due to its concentration one tube can last for a long time.

Butt Plug Design

To date, there are a huge number of options for the performance of traffic jams. They can vary in color, size, shape and material. Butt plugs are made of silicone, glass, wood, metal and other materials. In addition, there are models that are equipped with an ejaculation mechanism and a sex pill shaped vibrator. In addition, butt plugs can be decorated with rings that diversify the sexual game, tails, nozzles to stimulate the clitoris and even precious stones. There are still such models that are able to increase in size due to the discharge of air.

What is butt plug for?

During intimacy, butt plug can make sex more diverse, allowing you to achieve a variety of sensations and sensations. That is why various stimulations of the anus give incomparable sensations to both women and men, regardless of the orientation of the latter. So why do you need a butt plug if you can deliver pleasant moments with your hands and penis? This is only at first glance. In fact it is not so simple. Such a sex toy is a very necessary thing, and sometimes even irreplaceable. And to see this, it is worth noting the advantages of using butt plugs.

So, the first and irrefutable proof of the need for cork is that you can choose a model that will fully meet your desires and anatomical features. That is, you can choose a specific size and shape of a toy, whereas parts of a person’s body, member or fingers, have their own size, which cannot be altered.

Also the butt plug opens up a wide field of activity: you can make movements with the necessary immersion and pressure, which are necessary to achieve an orgasm. Without traffic jams to reach this state is difficult. Thanks to the butt plug, you can easily solve the problem of size mismatch. Introducing it into the anus, you can achieve a narrowing of the vagina, and then closer contact will give joy and delight of sensual rapprochement. For men, butt plug is the same pleasure as for women. Using it during the act, the prostate is massaged, which is not only pleasant, but also useful.

Butt plug allows you to prepare the anus for active influence, that is, for butt sex, because without prior preparation, insertion of the penis can cause unpleasant pain and injure the walls of the rectum. Summing up, we can say that butt plugs are a kind of simulators that allow you to study your body and give the most unforgettable minutes of orgasm.

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Psychological subtleties

For many people, even the thought of butt sex is so tabooed that toys to stimulate the anus are perceived as something shameful and even perverted. However, this is a personal matter of each person. As long as you do not impose anything on other people and follow the elementary rules of privacy, you have the right to please yourself in any way. A butt plug can also serve as a decoration, no matter how embarrassing it may sound. Now there are models where instead of a fixing ring there is a thickening with a large rhinestone. The cork itself is of a modest size, so the model is suitable for everyday wear or erotic play. Positive reviews of butt plug with rhinestones prove that many buyers belong to the sensual side of life without unnecessary complexes.

Which material is better?

Butt plugs are made of silicone, rubber, glass, special solid gel, metal, plastic. All materials differ from each other in varying degrees of density and elasticity, so they are felt differently. Of great importance is thermal conductivity. It is more comfortable when the product quickly heats up to body temperature, for example, a metal butt plug. Reviews just point to this property as a positive characteristic. On a quality product there should be no seams and grooves on the form, than cheap plastic models sin. First, it is traumatic, and secondly, it is more difficult to care for such a product. They make solid products from silicone and cyber-leather, gel plugs show themselves well in practice - they are smooth and, in combination with high-quality lubricant, slide well.

Instructions for use and safety

When you first use the butt plug, it is better not to trust this partner, and enter it yourself, choosing the smallest diameter. Be sure to treat the product with an antibacterial agent and dry it; use a silicone-based lubricant. Sphincter muscles slowly get used to stretching, so no need to rush. It is necessary to provide a quiet comfortable atmosphere, to take a comfortable position, only in this case there will be an opportunity to evaluate whether you like or dislike a sexy toy butt plug, and decide whether or not you want to opt for chastity to avoid oral sex.

Reviews of the girls who followed the instructions confirm - if everything is done correctly, a pleasant and exciting sensation appears. It is best to combine the first experience with the stimulation of other erogenous zones. This will help focus on yourself. Some buyers buy toys for permanent or occasional use in everyday life, that is, after the introduction, they dress and do everyday things. For this, not any butt plug will do.

How to go with her and which model to choose?

First of all, you need not to get excited with the size and choose a form that keeps it firmly in the body, does not slip and does not fall out. A retainer is required, which will not allow the toy to slip deep into the rectum; otherwise the product will be difficult to remove. To do this, it is better to purchase a special tool that does not destroy the silicone, does not dry out the cyber-skin and at the same time reliably disinfects the surface of the product. For this, not any butt plug will do.

Grease selection

To use the butt plug, it is necessary to purchase a lubricant, and you will not be able to replace the special lubricant with cream or oil. Fat can ruin a toy, and the cream not only does not provide an acceptable degree of slip, but can also lead to undesirable allergic reactions - it is simply not intended for use on the mucous membrane. Reviews of women who have tried different options, agree on the main thing - it is better not to abuse the flavored means. Too obsessive smell of strawberries or chocolate suggests that the composition of an excess of synthetic flavors, it is a risky composition for application to the mucous. When using one toy for two, it is better to use condoms.

How to choose butt plug

As for choosing such a toy for adults, sometimes there are certain difficulties, if the person in this is a beginner, because their choice is very extensive. The same story as choosing chastity cage for health, you need to consider many things. However, be that as it may, there are 3 key points that need to be noticed when searching for such products. These are as follows:

  • The size;
  • The form;

Their dimensions may be different, for example, the diameter of the products is from 2-5 cm. It is recommended that debutants not particularly experiment with dimensions - it is better to pick a plug from the start, which diameter is close to 1-2 fingers thick.

The selection of the shape of the plug is interconnected with the tasks of using the product: when a guy, for example, wants to massage the prostate using a product, you need to choose a special arched plug for that.

Most often, such products are made of rubber, silicone, metal, wood. As a rule, each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Contrary to the variety of products for adults, anal plugs made of soft material are most popular; they are more in demand than solid products, because the possibility of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Butt plugs with vibration are quite popular today- as popular as the trending kegel balls - you can adjust it using the remote control. A plug of this type should be introduced slowly, with a slight vibration. In addition to vibrating tubes, there are also inflatable made from elastic latex. Such products are all in demand among fans of experiments. They must first be placed in the anus in a deflated state. These plugs have a diameter of 3-4 cm, and then inflate with a hand pump in this form, their diameter can double.